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How To Ensure Longevity Of Your Engine

An engine is the heart of a motorcycle. It is the very force that endows a set of two wheels with the magical power to move and mesmerise. The ‘motor’ in a motorcycle – an engine is the centrepiece around which the

Iconic bikes: Honda CG125

Honda have made some pretty exotic motorcycles over the years, but some of their humblest models have also been their biggest hits. Almost everyone knows about the legendary C90 Cub, but for many British bikers the equally modest CG125 brings equally rose tinted memories… As a staple steed of British motorcycle training schools in the […]


Different Circuits

German know-how from Bosch has been integral to the electronics and innovations seen on KTM machinery for over a decade, and some of the sophistication on the new 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S means milestones are still being set.